Helping women after burnout & major life change achieve confidence, creativity, power and passion by connecting with your Inner Goddess & Divine Feminine Energy / Goddess Exploration / Group & 1:1 coaching / FREE 5 Challenges / Heroines' Journey Coaching Session £150

If you have ever wondered why you are not satisfied, as if something sill is amiss in your outwardly seemingly successful life it maybe you have done lots of personal or spiritual development, knowing this helps. It is very likely you have started to yearn to get connected with your divine feminine nature.
The writer Maureen Murdock, in her book
The Heroine's Journey

The task for today's woman is to heal the wounding of the feminine that exists deep within
herself and the culture

The mission and purpose of this Goddess School Group is to do exactly that "heal the wounding of the feminine where it exists in our self and in our culture" which means you get divine healing, self-love, purpose, confidence, energy, authenticity, personal power, happiness, creativity, magic, and community and much more than you ever expected... 

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