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How often do you use stories?

Here is a lovely one to read before jumping in and saving someone.

The Parable of the Butterfly

“One day while walking through his garden, a man found a chrysalis hanging delicately from a branch. As he admired it, it started to move and a small opening appeared. The man enchanted, watched for hours as the Chrysalis moved frantically, the butterfly struggling to free itself from its confinement through the small opening. Then almost as suddenly the butterfly stopped, appearing as if it had gotten as far as it could go, and could go no further. The man feeling sorry for it decided to help the butterfly, and with a small knife he gently slit open the chrysalis allowing the butterfly to emerge easily.

Photo by Bankim Desai on Unsplash  

The butterfly broke free, only to wilt over in a completely motionless state in his hand. Its tiny swollen body and shrivelled wings withered and deformed. The man continued to watch expectantly, waiting for the moment the wings would unfurl, expand and enlarge enough to support the still limp body, enabling the butterfly to get up, but he waited in vain. Instead, the butterfly spent the remainder of its short existence, crawling awkwardly, dragging its fragile body and shrivelled wings and never able to fly.

What the man in his kindness, goodwill and haste failed to understand. The restrictive chrysalis and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the small opening is nature’s way of forcing the fluid from the swollen body into its wings. So, the wings can then unfold and enable the butterfly to fly once it achieves its freedom.

We need struggles in our lives if life would not contain obstacles it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been and would never be able to fly

My challenge to you is to find a number of meaningful stories to use to engage the unconscious mind in learning.

Tell more stories.:)

The power of you lies on the other side of fear; I remember reading that at some point and knew the truth in the words for me. I didn’t know then how crippled I had made myself through fear, I didn’t know what opportunities I had allowed pass by through my fears, nor what do about my fear or even how I was going to face my known frears but even worse the ones I did not know about. The story of overcoming fears within my life has led me to train as a master NLP practitioner and Trainer of NLP as well as public speaker and  storyteller. My story begins in the latter half of my 40s when circumstances began to conspire to begin my heroine’s journey. I am passionate about the developing good mental health and wellbeing in our nations young by training teachers and other professionals to be NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners.  

If you believe as I do that good mental health is important and investing in teachers is the shortest root to influencing the future economy, and you know that each teacher will impact on every child they teach (positively or negatively) and their impact is long-lasting then sponsor teachers to at least NLP Practitioner Level. 

60 hours of pre-course material,

8  pre-course coaching sessions,

60 Hours of Face-to-Face practitioner training that is designed especially for teachers and other professionals working directly with young people.

10 Hours of assessment, written and practical.

The certification as an NLP Practitioner

3 months membership to the Association of NLP  (ANLP).

Post-course membership to a growing community of NLP trained teachers, where they can share ideas, ask questions and feel supported.

If you would like to discuss NLP training for the educational professionals here is a link to book a call with me

Courses run during the school holidays.

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